Having a keen edge handy is important in many situations. Whether you are preparing dinner, hunting for it, whittling a branch or, God forbid, defending yourself against an attacker, a handy knife is a versatile and irreplaceable tool.

In this online day and age where there are hundreds of sites dedicated to food preparation , hunting and survival, knife reviews are a dime a dozen.

We’ve therefore taken it upon ourselves to help you minimize wasted time by taking a thorough look at what’s out there and condensing it into straightforward guides that give you all the important facts about the best products out there.

Every good meal starts with preparation, and you basically can’t do anything with either meat, fruit or vegetables if they aren’t cut up in some way.

That’s where professional kitchen knives come in. If you get one with the right balance, grip and sharpness, only your imagination will limit your culinary exploits.

Even the best knife gets dull after a while. A dull knife is actually a lot more dangerous than a sharp one as uneven or messy cutting can cause you to slip and injure yourself. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide that will help you pick out a great knife sharpener and never have to face that problem again.

A knife is much more versatile than just a kitchen utensil – the right pocket knife can become an invaluable tool for various small repairs, DIY projects, hunting and other hobbies. We’ve put together a wide selection that will satisfy even the pickiest of enthusiasts.

Carrying a knife is no laughing matter however. You might sometimes find yourself in a situation where having one can mean the difference between going home bruised or not returning at all. We hope it never comes to that, but in the event that it does, having an EDC knife on your person will tilt the balance in your favor.

No matter what blade you happen to need, we’re here to make the choice hassle-free.