Cutting a pineapple quickly and easilyPineapples are one of the most exotic looking fruits you can find in your supermarket.

As well as looking like paradise, pineapples have a flavor that will instantly make you feel the ocean breeze blowing on your face.

Unfortunately, many people pass by these tropical treats because the chore of cutting a pineapple can outweigh the reward.

The truth, however, is that cutting a pineapple can actually be done both quickly and easily, providing you know what to do.

This article will provide five easy to follow steps that will enable you to cut a pineapple like a pro.

Step 1: Determine the ripeness

Pineapples, like any fruit, are best eaten when they are at their ripest.

Additionally, a perfectly ripened pineapple will also be easier to cut than one that is either over ripe or under ripe.

The best way to determine if your pineapple is ready is to give it the ‘sniff test’. Turn the pineapple over and smell the flat, bottom part.

If it smells like a pineapple, then it is ripe and ready to go. If it doesn’t smell like much of anything, then it is under ripe and will be tougher to cut and have less flavor.

An over ripe pineapple will smell fermented, and the fruit will be too soft and hard to cut.

Step 2: Trim the ends

The two tools you will need for cutting your pineapple are a good, level cutting board, and a good, sharp chef’s knife.

To trim the ends of your pineapple, place the pineapple on its side (on the cutting board, of course) and slice the top off.

You will want to cut the top about an inch deep, insuring that you remove all the tough parts.

Next, trim the base of the pineapple, but only enough to remove the skin and to make sure it stands up level.

Step 3: Trim the sides

Once you have trimmed the ends, stand the pineapple upright and trim the sides.

The round shape of may seem intimidating, but you are actually going to square off the pineapple, so trimming is easy.

Using your chef’s knife, cut down vertically, being sure to remove all skin, but trying not to remove too much of the fruit’s flesh.

Make four cuts like this, leaving your pineapple squared off and skinless.

Step 4: Remove the eyes

Once you have removed the skin from your pineapple you will notice rows of holes staring back at you.

These holes are the ‘eyes’ of the pineapple, and they need to be removed. One method is to use a paring knife and remove them individually, but this method is very slow and meticulous.

Another method is to lay the pineapple on its side and, using your chef’s knife, cut vertically along the line, or grain, of the eyes.

Repeat the process on the other side of the line, thus creating a wedge cut.

The line of eyes will now lift out easily. Repeat this process on each line of eyes, and on every side.

Step 5: Cut to desired shape

The best method of cutting the remaining portion of pineapple is to cut it into one inch thick disks.

Use a cookie cutter or small biscuit cutter to remove the core, and simply slice or dice the rest.


The first time you cut a pineapple using these steps may still seem like a little work, but the second time will be a breeze.

Once you master this technique, then you won’t have to avoid the pineapple display at the supermarket anymore.

Impress guests with a tropical treat, or simply treat yourself!