A credit card pocket knifeOne item that is becoming more and more popular is the credit card knife.

These modern equivalents to the classic pocket knife can cost anywhere from under $10 to over $50.

One of their appeals is that they look far more sleek and sophisticated than a conventional pocket knife.

Additionally, the shape and size of a credit card knife means that it can fit easily into any wallet or billfold, eliminating the extra bulk of a pocket knife.

Despite these advantages, there is still an ongoing debate — is it worth buying a credit card knife?

What credit card knives have to offer

While there are several variations of a credit card knife, the average one can offer quick access to many handy tools.

Contents of a typical credit card knife can include:

  • Knife blade
  • Screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • Letter opener
  • Tweezers
  • Compass
  • Toothpick
  • Ruler
  • LED light
  • Whistle

This list has many similarities to a standard Swiss Army pocket knife, however there are also a few extras.

The LED light is something not found on most pocket knives, as is the whistle.

These items make this a potentially good choice for anyone concerned with their safety at night, offering the benefit of a whistle to call for help as well as a light to better see one’s surroundings.

The ruler is another item not commonly found on a standard pocket knife.

This demonstrates the more sophisticated feel of a credit card knife, offering features that can benefit a business professional or a college student that a regular pocket knife would be without.

Convenience of a credit card knife

Overall, a standard pocket knife is pretty compact, fitting easily into any standard pants pocket.

Still, with cell phones, iPods, and an ever-growing list of electronic gadgets becoming part of our daily lives, pocket space is going for a premium these days.

Credit card knives, like their name suggests, are virtually the size of a credit card.

That said, they are designed to fit into any wallet, billfold or purse without taking up valuable pocket space.

This gives them the added convenience of carrying-versatility.

Possible drawbacks of a credit card knife

I have owned several Victorinox pocket knives throughout my life.

One of the reasons I have owned more than one is that I keep losing the parts that come out—namely the toothpick and the tweezers.

One possible drawback to the credit card knife is that ALL the pieces come out.

To be honest, that fact makes me break out into a cold sweat. It wouldn’t be but five days before half of my accessories were missing.

For anyone who can keep up with loose parts, this won’t be a problem. For those of us less disciplined, however, this may be an issue.

Another consideration is concealment.

Needless to say, a pocket knife is as much a concealed weapon as anything. However, the one thing about a pocket knife is that it looks like what it is.

That said, a credit card knife takes on a whole new dimension.

While some security checkpoints might turn a blind eye to a pocket knife, the notion of carrying a knife that looks like a credit card may not be looked on so favorably.

Just consider the places you frequent, and decide whether or not this might be an issue.


Truth be told, I am very much a traditionalist. I love my pocket knife, and I can’t imagine replacing it.

That said, the benefits of a credit card knife are there to see.

As well as offering the added convenience of being able to be carried in a wallet, etc., there are items available on a credit card knife that a comparable pocket knife just won’t have.

If you can get past the items being loose, then this may well be a good buy for you.