Carrying a pocket knife with youPocket knives are a part of our culture that has been around for time immemorial.

How many of us remember our grandfathers whipping out their trusty little knife to cut a piece of string or to open an envelope? Yet the future of pocket knives seems to be in question.

In an age of smart phones and blue tooth technology, pocket knives appear as archaic as a steam locomotive.

Are pocket knives a valuable tool, worthy of our attention? Or have they become a mere legacy of the past?

This article will attempt to discover the answer to that question.


Apart from being the go-to tool for our grandparents, pocket knives are also readily associated with such groups as the Boy Scouts.

In fact, having a pocket knife on hand is part of the ‘always be prepared’ motto that many of those groups embody.

But how does that translate into the day-to-day lives of the ordinary person?

After all, most of us will never be called upon to make a signal fire in the middle of the woods.

Do pocket knives have usefulness in the here and now?

In my opinion they do.

As I mentioned above, we live in a world of smart phones and blue tooth technology, but have you tried to get a smart phone out of the package?

Admittedly, the tiny red Victorinox that I carry on my keychain has opened countless plastic packages, cut tags off of new shirts, and even cut the packaging tape of boxes delivered to my door.

Yes, I could always go and find a pair of scissors, but the convenience of reaching into your pocket for the solution is second to none.

This very convenience is surprisingly in keeping with the times for something as antiquated as a pocket knife.


There have been multiple attempts to replace the seemingly outdated pocket knife, but to limited success.

In the end, the one thing that makes a pocket knife so useful is its versatility.

No other tool has so many features in so small a space.

Maybe you don’t need a corkscrew or a nail file, but then again, you never know when you might get a hangnail or find yourself needing to open a bottle of wine on a picnic.

Sure, the knife itself may scream of survivalist training, but the other features can fit into our domesticated lives with complete ease.

It’s this versatility that keeps the pocket knife in such demand.

Modern day concerns

The days of our grandfathers carrying bowie knives wherever they went are long gone.

Today’s conditions require a person to empty their pockets on an all too regular basis.

Despite this, the pocket knife can prove to be highly adaptable even in this climate of increased security measures.

Many places forbid knives with blades over 3 inches in length.

Fortunately, the average Swiss Army Knife falls well below this restriction, meaning that you can carry your versatile tool virtually anywhere.


For a mere $10 or so, you can hardly find a more versatile, resilient and convenient tool than the traditional pocket knife.

While most of us will only need to survive in the concrete jungle, there are still countless day-to-day applications that a trusty pocket knife can be called on to perform.

The pocket knife hasn’t survived the test of time because of any sense of sentiment for the past, rather it has survived because of its ability to adapt to any time and any environment.

I for one, will continue to carry my trusty Victorinox wherever I go.